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Providing a safe, nonjudgmental, welcoming space.

Individual Therapy

Are you looking to do self work and make changes in your life to improve your relationships with others and yourself. Individual therapy can be beneficial to solely focus on you and the changes you would like to make. Let's work together to start working towards your goals. 

Youth Counseling

Couple Therapy

Are you experiencing relational issues with your partner including but not limited to communication, intimacy, emotional connection, and parenting, just to name a few stressors. Come experience couples therapy and let's work on your relationship.

Happy black couple sitting in counselor's office after successful marital therapy, copy sp

Family Therapy

Is your family going through some changes that may be adding stress and difficulties to your lives? This can include sibling relationships, parent-adolescent relationship, and in-law relationships. I'll work together with your family to reach the goals you all set, to improve your relationships.

Rear view of female psychologist helping young family with a kid to solve child developmen
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